Hidden Handicaps in American Schools – Post #5 (Final)

This is the finale to my first blog series. This post contains the conclusion paragraph that can be found in my English research paper. I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts and obtained some new information on the current issue that is occurring in our nation today. Hopefully this will spread awareness on assisting the large population of American students that have learning and mental disabilities and are struggling in school.


 The last half century has proven a steep change of how Americans are dealing with learning and mental disabilities found within students in the educational system. Yet different aspects have shown that it is not close to being over. There are different programs and accommodations being created and provided to students, yet there are still vital actions not being taken, resulting in thousands of students not receiving an adequate education and essentially falling behind. Our nation thrives on this concept of the American Dream and we yearn to say that everyone has the abilities of achieving this dream, yet fail to always realize that not everyone can reach it alone. Education can play one of the biggest factors in being successful in our nation today, but many are not receiving the correct schooling, essentially stripping them of their chances to the American Dream.


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