What I am expecting from my English 4 class:

  • To gain knowledge while having fun
    • Different activities and assignments
  • To advance my reading and writing skills
    • I would like to compare pieces from the beginning of the year and the end of the year and be able to physically see how I have improved
  • Be introduced to new forms of literature that will make me think and will grasp my mind as a reader
  • Provide opportunities for me to write in different genres
  • To prepare me for what is to come in my college English classes


What I am expecting out of myself as a reader:

  • Keep an open mind about assigned books
    • Don’t judge it before you read it
  • Step out of my comfort zone and appreciate a wider variety of books
  • Be presented with books that will make me think and strive to find a deeper meaning
    • Be able to analyze text
  • Read longer or more difficult books
    • Will lead to more thinking
    • Try something new
  • Choose genres that I would have never chosen before this class
    • Might think that I won’t like the genre, but maybe I will


What I am expecting out of myself as a writer:

  • More description
    • Show don’t tell
  • Advanced word choice
    • Don’t be vague and sound illiterate
  • Try different genres
    • Find out what I like and don’t like
    • Find what I’m good at